Our commitments

Adesa makes a point of honor to respect these 10 commitments!

1 - Manufacture all your orders with the same attention

Here, the small orders are those that represent the mass. Therefore, we have the same requirement for all orders, whether small or large.

2 - Print, cut and ship ... 100% from France

From printing to shaping, to delivery, all stages of manufacturing your labels are made in France.

3 - Offer you very competitive prices, respecting our suppliers

Here, we offer competitive prices because we optimize the steps of our process, while maintaining excellent and faithful relations with our suppliers and partners.

4 - Give you a solution, whatever happens!

Thanks to our great experience, our specialists accompany you with the greatest proximity.

5 - Respond with a smile in any circumstance

Good agreement is the foundation of a good relationship. At Adesa, we make it a point of honor to answer you with "banana". And if you pass in the corner, do not hesitate to come and have coffee with us!

6 - Respect the environment at all levels of the graphics chain

We also implement concrete approaches through good waste, water and energy management (see our certifications)

7 - Ensure you an optimal and sustainable quality

Major international brands already trust us. By ordering at Adesa, you make the choice of professional quality!

8 - Advise you as much as possible in your project

Even if your project is not yet in the printing stage, our teams are there to advise you and help you make it happen. Adesa also offers you free resources and tips to help you be more productive.

9 - Ensure a service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

By putting our suitcases on the web, we ensure maximum availability. Day and night, place your orders on our site.
10 - Train and develop our smart employees

The evolution of our employees' skills is at the heart of our human resources policy. What to develop their talent!