The Adesa team

Women and men at Adesa

Behind Adesa, more than 65 people passionate about their job put all their involvement and knowledge at the service of your business.

Lindsay and her team, your dedicated interlocutors

On the phone, chat or eMail: they answer you with a smile! 

These people are also at your disposal to help you solve a problem if you face a difficulty in your journey. So do not worry, your label project is in good hands! So if you find yourself facing a malfunction when filing your file, if your delivery does not go as planned or if you have any other reason to be upset, this team will make every effort to find with you adequate solutions .

Marketing & IT

Audrey, Marie, Guilhem, Jules, Emmanuel and Ludovic hold the strings of Smartlabel

Behind the curtain, they take care of ensuring the availability of They are also the ones who think together about new products and services to surprise you and above all to satisfy you!

Corinne and her funny ladies at the Prepress Dept.

With us, file control is manual and free!

There, we enter the technique. The DTP (Computer Aided Production) team will check your label templates for any discrepancies. It is also with them that you will find exceptional designers to design quality creations if you want to outsource this part!

Rock & François handles production side. 

More than 30 people manufacture your orders

Here we are, the production, the crucial stage of the process. We do not forget of course the indispensable little hands behind the machines that make sure you make high quality labels. Endowed with a real know-how and specific technical skills, these two ensure a perfect production through all the stages of the graphic chain.

Isabelle and Johan, at accounting

They will be happy to answer your questions about your invoices, your account, VAT questions, payment methods ... in short, anything that touches directly or indirectly to the account.