How to stick correctly your labels

In general, the rule for the installation of adhesive labels is to exert a "regular and continuous pressure.
This regular and continuous pressure may be more or less important depending on the material.

The secret of a successful pose (manual or automatic) lies in the smoothing and pressure.
We recommend starting at the middle of the label by smoothing towards the ends to flush out the air. The complete adhesion is obtained within 24 hours after the laying, time necessary for the polymerization.

The quality of the bottles, bottles, jars ... strongly influences the final result.
Microbubbles can indeed form when the surface of the product is not perfectly flat (defects bottles or pots that are not visible to the naked eye).
The enemies of the adhesive are the dust and the silicone present in the release agents of the glass products. It is recommended to clean the supports before applying the adhesive to degrease and dust them.
Wood, fabric and some varnishes or paints can also disrupt the proper placement of your label.

For irregular surfaces, we recommend using polyethylene as a support: its flexibility will erase slight surface defects and unevenness.