Minimal size for fontes

Affixing adhesive labels on food or cosmetic products meets very strict regulatory requirements, in France and in the European Union.

Before requesting the printing of your labels, you must ensure that these labels comply with the regulations in force.

For food labels:

  • they must comply with the "INCO" regulation (Regulation n ° 1169/2011 called INCO, published in the OJEU on November 22, 2011) which notably gives readability requirements
    the mandatory information must be written in a minimum character size of 1.2 mm high. If the largest face of the package has an area less than 80 cm2, the minimum character size is reduced to 0.9 mm.
    Concretely :
    • 1.2 mm high, this corresponds to a capital letter "A" 4.5 pt written in Arial, or a "a" tiny Arial written in body 6.2 pt
    • 0.9 mm high, this corresponds to a capital letter "A" 3.5 pt written in Arial, or a "a" tiny Arial written in body 4.7 pt

For cosmetic labels:

  • they must comply with the European Cosmetics Regulation n ° 1223/2009, which covers requirements such as the name of the responsible person, the country of origin, the nominal content, the date of minimum durability and the period after opening ...
  • several mandatory symbols are required on cosmetic labels
  • there is no mention of minimum size, however the Regulation states that the mandatory information must be printed "in indelible, easily readable and visible characters".

General recommendations

  • As a precaution, Smartlabel recommends that you never use a character with a body smaller than 4 pt on your labels of food or cosmetics.
  • For legibility questions, it is strongly recommended to print the mandatory information in black text on a white background. Texts in blackout (white text on a solid color or black) are strongly discouraged in small size, for questions of readability and sharpness to print, a phenomenon of clogging that can occur on small characters
  • When choosing the font (or typography), avoid too artistic fonts, too fine or too condensed for your mandatory information. Favor highly readable fonts, with a thick body and a low or no condensed approach, to ensure optimal readability.
  • Finally, before you place your order, we recommend that you print your labels on a scale 1 on your printer, to verify their legibility and the conformity of the characters heights.

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