File Checking


What we control and correct for free ...

Before printing your adhesive labels, we perform a multi-level check of your DTP file:

  1. dimensions: compliance of the size of the file provided with the dimensions indicated in the order form
  2. orientation: consistency between the orientation of the illustration and the winding direction of the reel indicated when added to the basket
  3. color mode : CMYK mode applied to the entire document, no direct tones (Pantone) or RGB colors in the document
  4. white underpin: if you have chosen to print your label on a support that requires a white support (transparent material for example), check for the presence of a layer corresponding to the white support in your file
  5. typography: vectorization of fonts
  6. cutting shape: checking the presence of a correctly named cutting net
  7. quiet zone: absence of iconographic and textual elements in the quiet zone (surface between 0 and 2 mm from the outer edge of the cut-out label)

During this check, if potential risks are detected, the DTP Adesa team will either block your file or fix it. In case of a blockage, we will notify you of the problems encountered, and we will ask you to send us a new corrected file.

  1. In case our teams can correct your files:if the correction is possible, the DTP team changes the layout of your label significantly, we will submit a print to print.
  2. if not, your file will be printed after correction, without prior submission of an approval.

If there is no cutting thread, or there are missing cutting edges at the ends, the Adesa DTP team may decide to proceed without a straight cut.

What we do not control ...

Our DTP control focuses exclusively on the technical aspects related to the printing of your file which are essential to its good production. As a result, our desktop publishing teams do not control and correct the layout itself, as well as the content.

It is up to you to carefully control:

  • that the resolution of your images is sufficient with regard to our technical recommendations (300 dpi at 1: 1 scale)
  • that the texts are written in sufficient size and colorimetric mode to ensure good legibility at a scale of 1: 1, in accordance with the regulations;
  • that your label contains all the legal notices inherent to the container and the contents, as well as to the regulations in force in the country of destination of the product;
  • that you have the rights of use of the labels, certificates, images and logos affixed on your label;
  • you use fonts that you have a proper license for;
  • that your editorials contain neither spelling mistakes nor typographical typographical errors;
  • that your mailing addresses, email or phone numbers are correctly formulated;
  • that the message and the layout do not affect the regulations in force.

On all these checkpoints, the DTP team of Adesa can not intervene in control or correction. In the event that you request the assistance of the DTP team on one of the elements indicated above, the responsibility of Adesa can not be engaged in case of error or unsatisfactory result.

The Adesa team reserves the right to block the manufacture of a label whose message would clearly violate the regulations in force or morality.