Loyalty Program

Votre fidélité à Smartlabel largement récompensée

At Smartlabel, your loyalty will always be rewarded *: earn coupon codes on your purchases and sponsorships.

How it works :

Order Reward

  • For every 10 € of order paid in TTC, you gain 50 loyalty points
  • These points can be cumulated from one order to another
  • These points are canceled when the order is canceled
  • You can consult the points which you have on the tab "MY DISCOUNTS":
    • When you want, you can convert the accumulated points into promo code, applicable on a next order: you manage your points and you convert them from the tab "My discounts":
      • Conversion fee: 100 loyalty points = 1 € to have "convertible"
      • Once converted into promo code, the code is valid for 90 days. Beyond, he is lost

Reward of sponsorship

  • From the sponsorship tab of your account, you can parain friends
  • Each referral converted into a customer will entitle you to a 5 € coupon code
  • Sponsorship is managed from the SPONSORSHIP page of your account

* These benefits can be reduced or made unavailable depending on your status or the reduction you can benefit from. Last updated: July 02, 2019