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Coated paper - permanent or removable adhesive

Front : Glossy coating 80gsm.
Adhesive : permanent acrylic base.
Backing : yellow glassine (cellulose).

  • The best value for money, this is the most standard printing material.
  • The adhesive allows a good hold of the label on the support.
  • However, it can tear and not resist product sag.
  • Available in removable or permanent version.

Glossy white Polypropylene

Frontal : glossy white polypropylene 60 microns
Adhesive : permanent acrylic base.
Backing : white glassine (cellulose).

  • Polypropylene is resistant to harsh environments and most daily aggressions: chemicals, dirt, friction, UV, moisture, handling, corrosion.
  • It is a "flexible" support that adapts perfectly to products that tend to warp (soft bottle, shampoo) and slightly rough materials such as cardboard and wood. Its flexibility makes it possible to marry perfectly the shape of the product on which it is glued.
  • This material is particularly suitable for packaging cosmetic products with greasy liquids (oils, soaps, petroleum derivatives, etc.) and maintenance fluids. It also meets the growing demand for "identical substrate labeling" for easy recycling.
  • Finally, white or transparent polypropylene labels can be affixed indirectly to dry, moist and non-greasy foods: banana skin, avocado skin and sausage bag.

Glossy metallic silver Polypropylene

Frontal: silver-colored polypropylene (aluminum particles are "trapped" in the PP) - 50 microns
Adhesive: permanent acrylic base.
Backing : white glassine (cellulose).

  • It benefits from the same advantages as glossy polypropylene (resistance, off-road).
  • By opting for the silver version, you will be able to create inexpensively metallized renders totally stunning! A metal effect is always effective on a packaging. But you know, traditional gilding is expensive.
  • At the base, this support is entirely silver. If you apply white covering on this material, you will get a white paper. To simulate your gilding, you just have to hide the blank file where you want to reveal the metallic rendering.

Formula of bronze gilding:

  • Cyan: 0
  • Magenta: 70
  • Yellow: 100
  • lack: 0

Golden gilding formula:

  • Cyan: 0
  • Magenta: 20
  • Yellow: 60
  • Black: 6

Formule de la dorure bronze :

  • Cyan : 0
  • Magenta : 70
  • Jaune : 100
  • Noir : 0

Formule de la dorure or :

  • Cyan: 0
  • Magenta: 20
  • Jaune: 60
  • Noir: 6

Glossy transparent Polypropylene

Frontal : glossy transparent polypropylene 60 microns
Adhesive : permanent acrylic base
Backing : white glassine (cellulose)

It benefits from the same benefits as glossy polypropylene.

  • Liqueurs, vodkas, beers, whiskeys, spring waters ...
  • luxury drinks generally express values ​​of purity, authenticity and freshness to position themselves at the top of the range.
  • The label must then fade to let the product speak, and the best way to do this is to use our transparent polypropylene backing. It will allow you to "sign" a beverage without masking it and simulate intricate shapes in trompe-l'oeil.

Particularities to consider :

  • Laser cutting can cause a slight "bead" at the edge of the label
  • The white printing is not opaque: the printing technology used does not allow to obtain a silkscreen-quality blank.
  • Solids of white are not recommended because they can have a gray and translucent rendering. If you are looking for a blank print on transparent media, we recommend that you request a quote from our sales team

Uncoated paper

Frontal : pure cellulose paper, chlorine-free, thickness 95 gsm
Adhesive : permanent acrylic based water (ice bucket resistant).
Backing : white crystal paper.

  • Premium adhesive that provides superior quality thanks to the visible grain of the material.
  • Although popular in the wine industry, this adhesive may be suitable for other applications.

Creative paper pearlescent and embossed

Front: embossed paper and beaded pure cellulose, without chlorine - thickness 80 gsm
Adhesive: permanent acrylic based water (ice bucket resistant).
Backing : white crystal paper.

  • It is also a high-end adhesive that provides superior quality thanks to its iridescent effects and texture like "honeycomb".

Kraft paper

Frontal : long fiber laid vraft paper 70 gsm
Adhesive : permanent acrylic base.
Backing : crystal paper, supercalendered, cream.

  • Ideal kraft paper for creating authentic or decorative labels.
  • Specifically developed for the labeling of high added value products and gourmet glass products (wines, liqueurs, champagne, cellar, oil, foie gras, water ....), this paper offers a very interesting material effect for a very affordable price .
  • Versatile application on wet surfaces at low temperatures. Specially designed for glass packaging and offering excellent ice bucket resistance, the adhesive is in compliance with the regulations to be in indirect contact with food products (No certificate of conformity ISEGA 32729 U 11)

Yellow fluorescent paper

Front : bright yellow printing paper 80 gsm.
Adhesive : permanent acrylic base.
Backing : supercalendered glassine paper

  • Yellow fluorescent paper is the ideal tool for high visual impact communication!
  • Usually used for sale, promotion or liquidation transactions.
  • The adhesive allows a great adhesion on a multitude of supports.

Sugar Cane Fiber-based paper

Front : white, matte, wood-free and uncoated printing paper 90gsm
Adhesive : permanent rubber based
Backing : supercalendered glassine paper

  • This product is designed for wine labeling, it is suitable for a wide variety of durable labels especially for liquors
  • The adhesive offers excellent tack and adhesion on a large variety of substrates, including slightly rough and curved substrates

FSC™ recycled coated paper

[OUT OF STOCK SINCE May, 16th, 2019]

Front: Recycled coating 70 gsm
Adhesive : permanent acrylic base.
Backing : yellow glassine (cellulose).

  •  Material derived from 100% post-consumer waste paper suitable for a wide range of promotional and industrial labels requiring a beautiful semi-gloss appearance in multi-color printing.
  • Whiteness, brightness and opacity close to those of conventional front paper

Frozen Pearl Recyclé 


Frontal : Couché nacré recyclé 95 g/m2.
Adhésif : Permanent base caoutchouc.
Dorsal : Glassine blanche

  • Composé à 40% de déchets recyclés post-consommation.
  • Il a un effet nacré bleuté proche du support sirio pearl traditionnel.
  • Il n’est pas recommandé pour l’étiquetage sur des surfaces de petit diamètre. C’est un support adapté au secteur vinicole et aux spiritueux haut de gamme.

Frozen recyclé

PLA Clear 


Frontal : Film transparent d'acide polylactique biodégradable
Adhésif : Permanent base acrylique biodégradable et compostable.
Dorsal : Glassine blanche

  • Il est obtenu à partir d’amidon de maïs ce qui fait de lui un support compostable industriellement.

  • Ce support est associé à un adhésif acrylique S9500 qui est lui aussi compostable.

  • Il reste sensible à la chaleur.